What is a heat pump heating system?

What is a heat pump and how does it work?

Homeowners and business operators alike are always on the lookout for then next upgrade that will save them money without sacrificing comfort. A heat pump in that regard is the perfect addition to a home or business looking for efficient heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system. With its adaptable dual heating and cooling ability, recipients of a freshly installed heat pump enjoy a wealth of benefits that cannot be found in the traditional separated two systems. This process is acquired with parts such as:

  • Two thermostats
  • Compressor
  • Temperature and pressure release 

While the system works similarly to a normal air conditioner system in the sense that it evaporates the coolant and fans it through the ventilation system, a heat pump system has a similar process, but with an improvement. Instead of moving an air steam one way, the heat pump can move it both ways due to its capability to heat and cool a structure. That is where the two thermostats come in, to more accurately monitor the heating and cooling sections that are applied. When used in a similar method to your heating and cooling system, a heat pump is by and large a far more cost saving system for those looking to enhance their state of living. When needing heat pump services in Lanham, MD, trust HVAC experts that will get the job done right. RiteTemp A/C & Heating, LLC can help with all of your heat pump services with one call to (240) 640-6578 today to set up an appointment.

Do you really save money with a heat pump?

A heat pump system saves person money in a variety of ways, bringing the yearly charges electric bills down thanks to less energy going to one system instead of two. Not only that, but the amount of money you can save with a heat pump can be between thirty to forty percent more in electric costs per year. This is also due to that in many areas across the United States, electricity is cheaper than gas as a method of heating a home. There are disadvantages to the system as well in the form of a high upfront cost and lower efficiency at frigid temperatures of twenty degrees or negative seven celsius. However, the advantages of the system outweigh the negatives by:

  • Lower running cost than either traditional heating or cooling systems
  • Fewer occasions of maintenance
  • Lifespan of fifteen years
  • Less carbon emissions

As one can see, the heat pump system more than makes up for the upfront cost by saving a person on electric bills and general upkeep costs. In the long run, a heat pump system can effectively be maintained with a low amount of care that offers the owner a wide variety of ways to prolong its life span without taking too strenuous action.

How big of a heat pump do I need?

With any HVAC system, the measuring out of a home for the purpose of which size system will get the job done is done through measuring in square feet. While the weight of the system is the general way of saying which will be used, a one ton system for example will cover four hundred square feet. While an HVAC professional will measure out the home when tasked with installation, it can be a good idea to understand how the system works. Hight of each room does play a factor in the decision making process as well. It will also depend on how a person’s ventilation system is set up or whether it needs to be installed or not. A well maintained ventilation system will more efficiently cover a home than one that is either falling apart or in disrepair. With that said, any HVAC system is far more efficient when clean and well cared for than one that has a build up of dust or lack of filters and cooling. The owner can legitimately feel the difference in their health and upon walking in a home when one is well maintained versus a poorly cared for system.

Why is my heat pump bill so high?

Just like regular heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems, heat pump systems can fall victim to some of the same problems that can increase a person’s electric bill. As mentioned, something to keep in mind is that the heat pump is not as effective in frigid temperatures. However, there is a way around that deficiency by regularly regulating your home with the system. When fully shutting off your system and turning it back on, it will take longer than a normal electric or gas heater. Problems that occur similar to other systems do come in the form of filters, coolant, and a dirty coil. Filters and coils that are not well maintained block airflow through the buildup of particles such as dust. A lack of coolant in a system, both air conditioners and heat pump, only circulate the air but do not cool it in any regard. When it comes to maintaining your system, trust an HVAC provider to do the job in Lanham, MD. Call (240) 640-6578 to set up an appointment with RiteTemp A/C & Heating, LLC today.