How Often Should my HVAC System be Serviced?

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Caring For Your Home and Appliances

Anyone that owns a home knows how expensive HVAC services can get. Whether having someone look at the air conditioner or the heater, the cost to repair those appliances can get very expensive, very quickly. It may sound absurd to say, but the best way to avoid costly services is to actually invest in regular maintenance. It sounds like we’re saying spend money to save money, but that’s not the case. What we at RiteTemp A/C & Heating, LLC are saying is that in order to preserve your HVAC system, you need to invest in yearly maintenance service. Doing so will allow your whole system to operate more efficiently, be safer, and be more reliable in the long run. To learn more about HVAC maintenance for your Lanham, MD appliance, give our team a call at (240) 640-6578.

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What is HVAC Maintenance?

Taking care of and maintaining your HVAC system can feel like an unnecessary and additional waste of time. It can seem tempting to just change the filters, keep certain areas clear of debris and call it a day. But there is so much more to HVAC maintenance. Believe it or not, maintaining your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system is extremely important. HVAC maintenance and repairs help to guarantee a system that not only operates efficiently but one that is safe and healthy. These are high-demand appliances that require regular attention. You should schedule maintenance services at least once a year or, if possible, twice a year. All HVAC systems need to be checked at least once a year, but it is recommended to have them serviced twice a year: once in the spring and once again in the fall.

Why twice a year? Because you are likely going to use your HVAC system all year long, having it checked twice a year will allow for enough time to catch potential problems. Choosing to do this during the spring and fall is just a personal preference. It won’t be too hot or too cold for your HVAC technician and if there is something wrong, the temperatures shouldn’t be so drastic that you are uncomfortable. That in mind, how much is HVAC maintenance? The price will vary, but on average, most homeowners will pay somewhere between $150 and $300 for maintenance services. Many HVAC companies do offer maintenance plans that allow you make monthly or annual payments with guaranteed service appointments. These are considered great investments because you are getting that guaranteed service for a set price. 

HVAC Maintenance Checklist

You still may be wondering why HVAC maintenance is important, which is understandable. Taking care of your appliance will ensure that it operates more efficiently. In turn, this will mean your energy bills should be lower because it’s not having to over compensate for dust or debris build up. If you have a gas powered HVAC system, maintenance will guarantee an appliance that operates safely and efficiently. So is HVAC maintenance worth it? Yes, it absolutely is! Making sure your whole system is efficient and operational will allow you to reap a number of benefits. So what do you need to do? As mentioned, it’s ideal to have your HVAC system maintained twice a year. Here is a general breakdown of things your technician will do in the spring and fall. 

Spring Checklist

Spring Checklist

  • Clean/Replace filters
  • Clean evaporator and condenser coils
  • Clear leaves and debris from around unit
  • Check belts and pulleys
  • Check refrigerant levels
  • Test thermostats and controls
  • Check electrical connections
  • Check fan, blower, blades, and motor

Fall Checklist

Fall Checklist

  • Replace filters on heater
  • Check ignition burner
  • Examine heat assembly and heating elements
  • Test gas line for leaks or breaks
  • Check gas pressure
  • Check the pulleys and belts
  • Lubricate belts, motors, bearings, and other moving parts
  • Check fan and blower mechanisms
  • Inspect heat pump
  • Test thermostats and controls
  • Check any electrical connections

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How often should HVAC be maintenance?
    • Your HVAC system needs to be serviced at least once a year. Ideally, you’ll have two scheduled maintenance sessions: once in the spring and once in the fall. However, that is not always possible, so once a year is usually what is recommended.
  • Does HVAC need maintenance?
    • Yes, your heating, ventilation, and air conditioner need to be serviced. This is an appliance you are using just about every single day, so it needs to be serviced and maintained as often as possible. Ideally, you will have it set up to serviced twice a year. 
  • How much does HVAC maintenance cost?
    • The final cost will depend on a variety of things. Maintenance costs can be as low as $15 a month and range all the way up to $300 per year. It really depends on the type of maintenance package you sign up for or whatever you choose to do. 
  • Are HVAC maintenance contracts worth the money?
    • That is really up to you and what the contract is offering. In most instances, these contracts are worth the money. They offer a wide variety of services that will be beneficial and relevant to your needs. However, the cost is usually what deters homeowners, because it can be hard to justify $150-$500 on maintenance plans.
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