Indoor Air Quality Services

Dial that shows the different levels of air quality: low, medium and high

Importance of Indoor Air Quality

Indoor air quality services and testing remain critical components for happy families and successful businesses. Poor air quality often results in several conditions, such as allergies or asthma, that can make a person feel irritable and unwell. Individuals can also develop a condition known as building sickness. When they have this condition, they experience a sick feeling when they are in a specific building. If this happens in the workplace, it can often result in a drastic decrease in productivity. There are things that building and homeowners can do to ensure that they have wonderful indoor air quality. For professional assistance with indoor air quality services in Lanham, MD, contact us or give us a call at (240) 640-6578. RiteTemp A/C & Heating, LLC is ready to help you out.


The first step in improving indoor air quality is to have a proper assessment completed by a company that specializes in indoor air quality services. Our professionals can conduct indoor air quality testing, and let customers know which pollutants are found in the environment inside the building. Once an assessment has been completed, owners can work towards areas that need improvement.

Improve Indoor Air Quality

After the initial assessment, owners will know what pollutants are found in the air. For example, second hand smoke may be lingering in an apartment building or carbon monoxide levels may be too high in a factory. Then, they can take steps to eliminate those pollutants or drop them down to a healthy level. Professionals that are experienced in indoor air quality services are typically full of helpful advice to get clients started down the road towards healthy air. This may include:

  • Smoking outside or near an open window
  • Improved air circulation
  • More natural lighting
  • Eliminating sources of radon or carbon monoxide

These small tips may not seem like much, but when a building owner makes several small changes it can have a drastic impact on the quality of the air inside the building.

Maintaining Indoor Air Quality

Once the air quality is how it should be, it is important that customers maintain that same indoor air quality. If a person allows pollutants inside again, they will be back where they started. This is why maintenance is as important as every other step. Odorless gas detectors, such as carbon monoxide detectors, should be installed to ensure that they remain at healthy levels. New machines in factories should be properly inspected to guarantee that they do not emit gasses into the environment, too. This also applies to new things that are brought into homes, such as gas stoves. Air filters should be used and properly maintained in homes as well. These work by removing pollutants, such as secondhand smoke chemicals and pet dander. Most of these products also have a fan so that they can put more clean air into the environment. To maintain these, an owner must simply replace the filter.

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Indoor Air Quality Testing

After implementing changes, it is important to contact a professional that specializes in indoor air quality services to conduct follow up testing. This will help owners determine whether the changes that they have implemented are effective or not. If they are not, professionals can recommend further changes to keep the air quality healthy. Indoor air quality can make a person feel unwell, resulting in missed days at work, increased symptoms of current mental health issues, such as depression symptoms worsening, and it can affect children. In severe cases, poor air quality can be fatal, such as if a person breathes in too much carbon monoxide. Contact us for an evaluation today. If you’re in need of indoor air quality services in Lanham, MD call RiteTemp A/C & Heating, LLC at (240) 640-6578.