Ductless Mini Split System Installation

HVAC technician repairing a mini split ac system

Mini Split Systems Are Modern AC Systems

Ductless mini split AC installation has quickly become the norm. They require no ductwork, can cool individual rooms just like a window air conditioner, they offer the convenience of less noise, and they are much more aesthetically appealing. Contact RiteTemp A/C & Heating, LLC at (240) 640-6578 to learn more about ductless mini split AC installation in Lanham, MD.

Ductless Mini Split AC Installation

Mini split AC systems have two components: the air compressor and the cooling unit. Often, the air compressor is placed outside of the house, and then the cooling units are installed in the wall. This is done by cutting a small hole in the wall that is the perfect size for the cooling unit. It is then installed wherever the homeowners would like.

Heating Options Also Available

Many ductless mini split AC units also come with units that can help heat or cool a house. The homeowner can easily adjust the unit between heating and cooling to guarantee that their home remains at a comfortable temperature year round. Some of these units also come with remotes to make adjusting the temperature more convenient than ever before.

Cheaper Installation Than Larger Units

Not only are these units cheaper to purchase than large outdoor units, but they are also cheaper to install. Ductless mini split AC system specialists have to simply cut a hole, ensure that there are no cold air leaks, and slide the interior unit inside. This can be done in significantly less time than other units because it does not require any ductwork, helping homeowners enjoy a comfortable home for a fraction of the cost.

Ideal for Homes Without Ducts

Homes that use radiator heaters, water heaters and other forms of heating often do not have the ducts available to install central air. To do this would be extremely costly, and involve removing most of the interior of the house to properly install ducts. Mini split AC systems provide the same cooling temperatures of central air without forcing homeowners to live in a construction zone. Contact us today at (240) 640-6578 to learn more about mini split AC systems with RiteTemp A/C & Heating, LLC. Our experienced representatives will be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding ductless mini split AC installation in Lanham, MD.