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A Company You Can Trust

RiteTemp A/C & Heating, LLC is more than just another HVAC contractor in Lanham, MD. We bring a level of skill and experience to the field that remains unrivaled. In addition to that, our technicians are honest, our customer service is exceptional and we are available to handle your emergency repair needs. If you’d like to know more call us at (240) 640-6578.

Experienced HVAC Contractor

RiteTemp A/C & Heating, LLC was founded in 2006, but our level of experience far outweighs the twenty years that we have been in business as an HVAC contractor. As the years have passed, we have brought several members on to our team, and they have all brought their own personal heating and cooling experience with them. The expertise of skilled technicians provides a combined total of over 100 years of experience. This experience allows us to provide a comprehensive list of heating and cooling services to residents and businesses throughout the area. Contact us as your HVAC contractor in Lanham, MD and we’ll address your needs today.

Superior Customer Service

RiteTemp A/C & Heating, LLC brings more than a mere level of experience to the table. We pride ourselves on our superior customer service. Cold days without heat or summer days without AC can be extremely stressful, and we understand that. Our technicians work with you to give you superior service with a smile.


Honesty is one of the values that helped build this company and remains a vital part of the operations today. When customers contact RiteTemp A/C & Heating, LLC for an estimate, they can trust that they will receive an accurate estimate and that our technicians will always be honest with them. Customers will not have to pay the high cost to replace a boiler or furnace unnecessarily, and they will never feel as though they have been cheated out of their hard earned money.

Affordable HVAC Contractor

This is one of the many reasons that RiteTemp A/C & Heating, LLC is able to offer HVAC contractor services at affordable costs. Instead of an instant replacement that would cost the customer money, RiteTemp A/C & Heating, LLC will repair units if possible. This is easier on the team so that they can provide service to more customers, and it is easier on the customer’s bank account. RiteTemp A/C & Heating, LLC provides customers with fast service, including emergency services, at a fair price. Customers that work with RiteTemp A/C & Heating, LLC are working with an HVAC contractor in Lanham, MD that they can trust. Call us at (240) 640-6578 today!